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Breast Cancer Center Programs

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Posted May 29, 2018 in Community, Reconstruction

Breast Cancer Care

If you haven’t heard already, I wanted to be sure you know about the great programs Houston Methodist Hospital Cancer Center has put together at no cost to help support you through your breast cancer journey.  They include a guided tour at a local grocery to learn more about healthy food choices, a beauty workshop called “Look Good Feel Better ®” for professional woman undergoing cancer treatment, monthly yoga and nutrition classes, a tobacco cessation program, music therapy, and a breast cancer support group just to name a few.  Click on the picture to the left for more information about these programs.

Acupuncture, massage, and lymph edema programs are available for a fee and may even be covered by your insurance policy.

Contact our oncology nurse navigators for more information and resources:

Claudia Bartos, RN, CCRC, CN-BN at or 713-441-9379

Melody Simonini, MBA, RN, OCN at or 713-441-6069

Houston Methodist Cancer Center is one of Houston Methodist’s six centers of excellence.  They have a dedicated nationally recognized team focused on providing the best possible cancer care using the most advanced techniques available.  For more information about the cancer center, cancer screenings, treatment options, high-risk program, genetic counseling and more click here.

To learn more about breast cancer,  breast reconstructive surgery, breast correction, breast enhancement, lymph node transfer, and possible nipple sensation restoration after breast cancer,  click here to visit my website.

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