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Nipple Reconstruction

If your surgeon is unable to conserve your nipple during your mastectomy, you can opt to have nipple reconstruction. This final reconstruction step is sometimes likened to a bow on a present. This step is often the one thing that allows a woman to feel completely whole again.

Nipple reconstruction can be carried out in a number of different ways. Today, it is common to use a flap of skin from the surrounding breast skin to construct the new nipple. Once the reconstructed nipple heals, tattooing is performed, which pigments the nipple and areola complex.

Tattooing is typically performed at least 6 months after the nipple reconstruction, which allows the scar time to mature and accept the tattoo pigment.

3D Nipple Tattooing

Some women prefer to have skin tattooing alone as the final stage of their breast reconstruction. Three dimensional tattoos create a realistic illusion of a the nipple and areola. The tattooist uses a wide array of pigmented inks to match your existing nipple and/or to create natural appearing areolas. The tattooist is able to recreate the glands around the nipple and uses shadowing techniques to create the projection of the nipple itself. 

Dr. Spiegel’s practice does not employ a 3D tattooist, however, we do provide clinical space in our office for 3D nipple tattooing with tattoo artist Renee Maschinot

Renee is an independent contractor and has been a salon owner and esthetician for 30 years in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Renee apprenticed with tattoo artist John Hashey for two years and with world renowned 3D nipple tattooist, Vinnie Myer. 

Renee travels from Florida to our office and scheduling is coordinated based on the total number of patients requiring her services at one time.

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