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Procedure: Correction of Breast Asymmetry

Congenital Breast Asymmetry Overview

Correction for breast asymmetry is one of the most gratifying cosmetic procedures to perform. For many women, congenital breast asymmetry has been a source of embarrassment since their teenage years when the breast tissue first started developing. Uneven breasts are actually a relatively common condition though. In fact, most women have some degree of breast asymmetry where one breast is slightly larger than the other. For the majority of women, this difference is subtle enough that it does not cause any concern or embarrassment. However, a larger and more noticeable discrepancy in breast size or shape can cause a woman to feel very self-conscious about her body. Congenital breast asymmetry can also make finding appropriately fitting bras and clothing much more difficult.

As a female breast reconstruction surgeon in Houston, Dr. Aldona Spiegel understands the role that breasts play in a woman’s overall body image and sense of femininity. Every woman has the right to feel beautiful and confident, and if asymmetric breasts are negatively affecting your self-esteem, then corrective breast surgery can help. Dr. Spiegel is extremely sensitive to the unique needs of patients who are concerned about breast asymmetry. During you consultation, Dr. Spiegel will address all of your questions regarding corrective breast surgery. She will provide you with a clearer understanding of the different treatment options available and which technique will help you achieve the results you desire.

Breast Asymmetry Treatment Options —

Your surgical treatment plan will depend on the degree of difference between the size and shape of your breasts. Other factors such as body type, age and skin condition are also considered when choosing an appropriate surgical procedure. One or more of the following procedures may be performed on one or both of the breasts to achieve symmetry.

  • Breast Augmentation – Using this technique, Dr. Spiegel may place an implant in the smaller breast to match the size of its larger counterpart. Oftentimes, implants are placed in both breasts to achieve better symmetry of size, shape and position. Implants of differing sizes may be placed or breast reduction may first be performed on the larger breast and then equally sized implants will be placed in both breasts. Depending on the patient, the latter approach may be preferable as weight fluctuation and aging can cause breast tissue and volume to change whereas the implant will not. Equalizing both sides first to match can help breasts better maintain the same size and shape over the years.
  • Breast Reduction – If you are happy with the size of the smaller breast, then a breast reduction will be performed on the larger breast, where excess skin and fat are removed to match the smaller one. Depending on the size difference and nipple position, this may be combined with a breast lift on one or both of the breasts.
  • Breast Lift – A breast lift procedure raises and tightens the breasts while repositioning the nipple to a higher position. This technique is typically combined with either breast reduction or breast augmentation to achieve optimal balance.
  • Fat Grafting – For mild cases of asymmetry where the difference is only one cup size or less, fat grafting may be an option for correcting uneven breast volume and small irregularities. This technique is not for everyone though. Fat injections and the survival rate of transplanted cells can be capricious. There are many variables during the processing, harvesting and implantation process along with your body’s response that can affect how much of the fat graft “takes”. This is why fat grafting sometimes takes more than one session. Fat transfer techniques have improved significantly in recent years however, and in the hands of a technically-skilled surgeon can be very effective. See our fat grafting/autologous breast augmentation page for more information.

You will more than likely require some combination of the above procedures to achieve symmetry that is ideal for your unique body type. For most women who have undergone surgical correction for breast asymmetry, the experience has been life changing. You do not have to resign yourself to living your entire life with mismatched breasts. Undergoing corrective breast surgery can restore a sense of confidence and have a profoundly positive impact in many areas of your life.

If you are ready to start the conversation about corrective surgery for breast asymmetry, then contact the Center for Breast Restoration today! Houston breast reconstruction surgeon Dr. Aldona Spiegel specializes in the most advanced surgical techniques and is highly skilled in all aspects of aesthetic breast surgery. Please call (713) 441-6102 or fill out our online form to set up a personal consultation.


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