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Giving Back

Dr. Spiegel has devoted much time of her time giving back through many different avenues. She routinely donates her time to travel nationally and internationally to perform and teach her techniques in live surgical cases. Dr. Spiegel is a highly sought after lecturer and teacher for professional medical conferences and recently started a preceptorship program locally allowing her to share her insights, innovations, and techniques with other surgeons.


Preceptorship Program – May

After long anticipation, Dr. Spiegel’s second preceptorship program was held on May 4, 2022. This year the program was attended by eight surgeons to observe her methods and approach to direct implant technique and revision of previous breast surgery. The program also included a presentation and debriefing and discussions after with the surgeons in attendance. Once again, the response from participants was very positive and plans for an additional date in 2022 are being discussed. Dr. Spiegel is passionate about innovation and teaching and relishes the opportunity to share her knowledge, experience and advanced surgical techniques.


Preceptorship Program – February

Dr. Spiegel’s first preceptorship program was in November 2019, The response from the participants was overwhelmingly positive and we added two dates for 2020 with anticipation of additional dates in the future. This particular program was attended by four surgeons to observe her methods and approach to direct to implant technique and revision of previous breast surgery, again with great response. Unfortunately the second date for May was cancelled due to Corona-19, however we plan to reschedule as soon as time allows.

Dr. Spiegel giving a Presentatation - Pectoralis Muscle Problems

Attendees of Dr. Spiegel's Preceptorship Program

Preceptorship Program – November

The interest in Dr. Spiegel’s unique approach to direct to implant breast reconstruction led her to develop a preceptorship program where she can share her specialized techniques. Her passion for innovation and teaching are infectious and encourages others to not be daunted by inefficiencies and undesirable outcomes.

The preceptorship program was attended by six surgeons, who flew in from across the country. The program included a presentation, two live surgeries, and a debriefing after with the surgeons in attendance.

Dr. Spiegel giving a presentation


Patagonia Microsurgery Meeting – March

Dr. Spiegel was honored to be invited to Puerto Varas, Chile to speak on the topics of Optimizing DIEP Flap Donor Site Aesthetics, Neurotization in Breast Reconstruction, and Lymphnode Transfer for Post Mastectomy Lymphedema in addition to performing and teaching a live DIEP surgery.

Dr. Spiegel doing a DIEP surgery

Dr. Spiegel, DIEP Surgery, Puerto Varas, Chile


Dr. Spiegel traveled to Glice and Lodz, Poland to perform and teach DIEP surgery to other plastic surgeons.

GABRs, Oslo, Norway
Dr. Spiegel, Co-Chair and Co-Founder of Group for Advancement of Breast Reconstruction invited 3 surgeons from Poland to the GABRs meeting to meet and learn new techniques from their colleagues around the world.


New York Eye & Ear Hospital, New York, NY.
Dr. Spiegel was asked to assist Dr. Joshua Levine in New York to teach flap neurotization, unilateral innervated DIEP and Bilateral Nipple Sparing Mastectomy with immediate bilateral DIEP.

Cancer Hospital Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Performed live surgery demonstrating a neurotized DIEP flap, breast reconstruction revision and nipple reconstruction at the Breast Cancer Symposium in Shanghai.

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