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Pink Sisters Support Group

The Group

The Pink Sisters Support Group is available to patients at the Center for Breast Restoration. Dr. Spiegel and her Team understand the journey through breast reconstruction can be an emotional one. Having a strong support structure is a very important element to a full and healthy recovery in body and spirit.

We have a support group of women who are former patients, called the Pink Sisters. They have made it through their own reconstruction journeys and are available for your emotional support, experience testimonials, or any other non-medical information that will help you feel more comfortable and confident along the way. The group meets 3-4 times a year to learn more about breast cancer and reconstruction, share experiences, give back to the community by educating others on breast reconstruction, and just be there for one another.

As you go through the reconstruction process for breast cancer, we want you to know that we are as interested in your emotional well being as we are your physical health. The Pink Sisters support group is made up of women just like yourself who have gone through what you may be experiencing. They have experienced the same fear, uncertainty, isolation and even resentment that you may experience. They have dedicated themselves to “be there” for you should you have questions or just need a friend who can relate to your experiences. Please feel free to email our Pink Ambassador, Ann Watkins, at for more information regarding the support group or about meeting dates.

“We pledge to provide information and support to breast cancer patients who desire restoration that enhances a positive physical and mental vitality so that every survivor lives each day to its fullest.”

Pink Sisters Support Group

“Match Me” With A Pink Sister

Once you have seen Dr. Spiegel in consultation and identified your specific procedure we can “match” you with one of our members, a former patient, who had a situation very closely resembling your own – from the type of procedure you will have to similar life circumstances.

Giving Back To The Community

Our Pink Sisters wish to help future patients by being a support system and friend. They understand the emotions that can come up because they have been there. Giving back to the community by helping others through their journey is not only very helpful for the new patients but very rewarding for former patients. Helping to give peace of mind is a wonderful way to give back.

Doing doctor ratings and reviews is another important way to give back to the community by providing information on your experience in a way that helps ladies looking for a reconstructive surgeon.

We also give back by helping to increase awareness of breast reconstruction and of Dr. Spiegel. We have booths at local charity/awareness events where we distribute information and talk to people about what breast reconstruction options are available. Gaining first hand information from patients themselves is an open and honest way about the reality of breast reconstruction procedures.

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