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Center for Breast Restoration

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Patient-Focused Care & Surgical Experience

A Breast Reconstruction Surgeon You Can Trust

Dr. Aldona Spiegel has surgical experience in breast reconstruction procedures like the DIEP/SIEA, SGAP, and TAP flaps. Her objective is patient-focused care which leads to happier patients with better recovery. She learned the DIEP flap procedure directly from Dr. Robert J. Allen, the surgeon credited with its invention. She has performed over 1,500 breast reconstruction procedures and pioneered new techniques for improving the aesthetic outcome of post-mastectomy reconstruction. 

At the Center for Breast Restoration, we understand the physical, mental and emotional challenges that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis. The psychological toll that breast cancer takes on a woman’s life can be overwhelming. From anxiety to fear to anger, it is a stressful time. Dr. Spiegel’s focus has always been on restoring both the physical and emotional health of her patients.

Returning to Normalcy: A Promising Road to Recovery 

The Center for Breast Restoration serves as a restorative haven for women finishing up breast cancer treatment. Dr. Spiegel reduces the anxiety of breast reconstruction by communicating openly and honestly with patients and their families. Her candid approach lifts patients out of the whirlwind of apprehension and illuminates new treatment options and a promising road ahead. 

At the Center for Breast Restoration, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter procedure. Dr. Spiegel treats every individual who walks through our doors as if they were her only patient. She goes above and beyond to customize advanced treatment plans that cater to each patient’s specific needs. 

Above all, Dr. Spiegel is concerned with long-term survivorship issues and ensuring that life after breast cancer is unhampered and fulfilling. This passion is what drives her to continue pioneering new techniques that optimize patient quality of life. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Spiegel has an intrinsic understanding of a woman’s relationship with her own body, as well as the effects that breast cancer can have on feminine identity.

Dr. Spiegel’s ambition is to get each patient looking and feeling as close as possible to her normal self. This pursuit is the foundation for her advanced clinical research in sensory innervation. Dr. Spiegel has pioneered new procedures that have the ability to reestablish sensation to the breast, providing patients with the most complete form of breast reconstruction. She performs follow-up revision procedures to refine the shape and size of the breasts for superior cosmetic results. She also encourages patients to go through with the finishing touches of breast reconstruction, such as areola tattooing, to further refine the results of their reconstruction.

Finding a DIEP Flap Surgeon in Houston

When searching for a DIEP flap surgeon in Houston, it is important to do your homework to ensure that your plastic surgeon is experienced in performing this surgery. Currently, there are only a handful of surgeons in the nation who perform these procedures on a routine basis. DIEP flap breast reconstruction is a sophisticated surgery that involves highly precise and complex microsurgery. Most surgeons who perform these procedures have undergone additional microsurgery fellowship training.

Since there are only a limited number of plastic surgeons in the nation who perform these procedures at this time, many patients are unfortunately not aware of their breast reconstruction options beyond implants. This results in a high number of patients opting for implant-based reconstruction without first being given a full picture of what’s available to them. 

At The Center for Breast Restoration, ensuring that patients are educated and informed about all treatment options is of the utmost importance. Dr. Spiegel takes the extra time to explain in plain language what’s available as well as the advantages and disadvantages to each option. We believe that a well-informed patient is better suited to actively engage and participate in the decision-making process about her own care. This ensures that treatment plans are customized to best meet each patient’s unique needs, wishes and priorities.

To learn more, or to schedule a visit with Dr. Spiegel, please call (713) 441-6102 to speak with a member of our team.


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