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Center for Breast Restoration

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Category: Reconstruction

Breast Cancer Center Programs

Breast Cancer Care

If you haven’t heard already, I wanted to be sure you know about the great programs Houston Methodist Hospital Cancer Center has put together at no cost to help support you through your breast cancer journey.  They include a guided tour at a local grocery to learn more about healthy food choices, a beauty workshop called “Look Good Feel Better ®” for professional woman undergoing cancer treatment, monthly yoga and nutrition classes, a tobacco cessation program, music therapy, and a breast cancer support group just to name a few.  Click on the picture to the left for more information about these programs.

Acupuncture, massage, and lymph edema programs are available for a fee and may even be covered by your insurance policy.

Contact our oncology nurse navigators for more information and resources:

Claudia Bartos, RN, CCRC, CN-BN at or 713-441-9379

Melody Simonini, MBA, RN, OCN at or 713-441-6069



Houston Methodist Cancer Center is one of Houston Methodist’s six centers of excellence.  They have a dedicated nationally recognized team focused on providing the best possible cancer care using the most advanced techniques available.  For more information about the cancer center, cancer screenings, treatment options, high-risk program, genetic counseling and more click here.

To learn more about breast cancer,  breast reconstructive surgery, breast correction, breast enhancement, lymph node transfer, and possible nipple sensation restoration after breast cancer,  click here to visit my website.

To Your Good Health~

Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel Breast Reconstruction









Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel

Ladies Night Out: Positively Pink for Breast Health

Houston Methodist Breast Care Center  and Houston Methodist Cancer Center are hosting a ladies night out, Positively Pink for Breast Health at Hotel ZaZa on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 from 6-8pm. 

Please join Drs. Luz Venta, Breast Radiologist, Tejal Patel, Breast Medical Oncologist, Sherry Lim, Breast Surgeon and Aldona Spiegel, Breast Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon for an evening dedicated to breast care-from early detection to advanced treatment of breast cancer.  

Visit or call 713-790-3333 to register.  Complimentary valet parking will be provided.  Registration is required.  

Hotel ZaZa, 5701 Main Street, Grapevine Room, Houston, TX  77005

We’d love to see you there!

Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel


Healthy Food Information & Store Tour

Aldona J. Spiegel

Houston Methodist Cancer Center Survivorship Series 
Whole Foods Market on Kirby

Join the oncology team at Houston Methodist Hospital and fellow cancer survivors for a store tour to learn about smart food shopping and healthy eating choices.

Learn how to choose and shop for foods that are fresh and healthy to support your well-being.

Sample healthy prepared foods, ask questions about nutrition for cancer survivors, and receive recipes and money-saving coupons, courtesy of Whole Foods Market.

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 6:30-7:30 PM

Whole Foods Market-Kirby at West Alabama

2955 Kirby Drive

Houston, TX  77098

RSVP is required and availability is limited.

For more information about the Houston Methodist Cancer Center Survivorship Series or to attend this event, contact Claudia Bartos at or 713-441-9379

Dr. Aldona Spiegel

Dr. Spiegel presents at WSRM 2017



Dr. Spiegel is honored to be invited to speak at the WSRM Congress this weekend in Seoul Korea.  She will be presenting on “ Aesthetic Refinements in Autologous Breast Reconstruction” to other reconstructive microsurgeons from around the world.  

The (WSRM) is a world premiere organization that was created when the International Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ISRM) , established in 1970 and International Microsurgical Society (IMS), established in 1972 merged. The organization organizes meets every two years bringing together world renowned reconstructive microsurgeons to share their thoughts, ideas and techniques, and to meet pioneers in different specialized fields within the field of reconstructive microsurgery. The theme of the WSRM Congress this year is “Bridging the gap and beyond”.


Ductal Carcinoma and Pregnancy

Meet Marcela~

Marcela Rodriguez is a young woman who was 19 weeks along in her third pregnancy when a small lump in her breast was discovered.  After ultrasound, Marcela learned she had ductal carcinoma and would need a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy.  Once her treatment was completed, Marcela elected to have breast reconstruction with Dr. Aldona Spiegel at the Center for Breast Restoration.

At one time smiling was hard to do, but Marcela relied on her faith, family, and friends to get her through this journey.  Through it all, she stayed strong and positive, and today…Marcela’s smile is free, easy, and infectious.

Developing cancer during pregnancy is not common, however, it is important to remember that with proper planning, treatment is safe and possible during pregnancy.

If you would like to learn more about:

Ductal Carcinoma

Marcela Rodriguez

Young Survival Coalition

Dr. Aldona Spiegel



Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)


Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is extremely rare and treatable T-cell lymphoma, not breast cancer.  There appears to be an increased risk of developing BIA-ALCL in women with breast implants, requiring further investigation.  It has been noted that most reported incidences are women who have textured implants.  To the best of our knowledge, at this point the lifetime risk of developing BIA-ALCL is approximately 1:30,000 in the United States.  While there appears to be evidence of a correlation between the two, it is important to note that ALCL is associated with all implants, including dental.

Currently there is insufficient data to determine the cause of women developing BIA-ALCL.  However, the American Society of Plastic Surgery and the Food and Drug Administration have been working together since 2012 to identify, gather and analyze data of women with breast implants that have been diagnosed with ALCL to determine how to prevent and treat this disease.  Patients that present with late onset, persistent seroma, capsular contractures or masses next to the implant should be tested with CD30 immunohistochemistry.

For more information, FDA, ASPS, Mentor.

Dr. Aldona Spiegel featured in New York Times

Dr. Aldona Spiegel

In an article published today on the front page of the New York Times, Dr. Aldona Spiegel, a pioneer in breast sensation restoration, discusses the success she has had restoring breast sensation for many of her patients.  Her patient Karen Holt shares her experience in the article as well.  Dr. Spiegel hopes to bring returning breast sensation to the forefront of breast reconstruction, a very important issue for many women.

Read the NY Times article.

For more information on Dr. Spiegel and her work with nerve restoration.



Microsurgery Conference Presentation

 Aldona Spiegel ASRM Breast Reconstruction 2017

Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel presents, Immediate Breast Reconstruction:  Shaping the Perfect Breast as an invited lecturer at the 2017 American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ASRM) meeting in Waikoloa, Hawaii.  Dr. Spiegel is an honored member of the ASRM and  participates as a nominating committee member and mentor for the ASRM Women’s Microsurgery group.

The ASRM was established to promote, encourage, foster, and advance the art and science of microsurgery and complex reconstruction and the ASRM Women’s Microsurgery Group was established  to support women microsurgical and reconstructive surgeons in order to help them achieve their professional and personal aspirations., 2017.

Hawaii sunset

Breast Cancer Patient Education


The Women’s Health Care and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 requires health insurance plans that offer breast cancer coverage, provide coverage for prostheses and reconstruction.  Research has confirmed that although this coverage is available, many women simply are not aware of their rights, less than 50% of women!

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons was instrumental in recently securing the passage of the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act to empower women to make informed decisions about their health care.  To learn more visit Plastic Surgery and Breast Reconstruction USA.

Under Reconstruction with Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel



It’s important to know we are not alone AND we don’t have to face breast cancer alone.

Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel’s patients, Jenna, Aleena, Melissa, and Sylvie share their stories about breast reconstruction and their experiences as a patient of Dr. Spiegel’s in an article published by Best of HTexas 2016 . HTexas is Houston’s Premiere Lifestyle Magazine featuring the best of the best in Houston Texas.  Each of these lovely women underwent a different surgery with Dr. Spiegel. Among the surgeries, a lymph node transplant, double mastectomy breast reconstruction, prophylactic skin and nipple sparing double mastectomy with tissue expander to impant reconstruction and a bilateral deep inferior epigastric perforator flap (DIEP). As an advanced breast reconstructive microsurgeon Dr. Spiegel is transforming women’s outcomes in breast restoration.  Not only are her reconstructions and restorations remarkably normal in appearance post surgically, she is returning sensation to women’s nipples when possible.  Until recently this was thought to be a pie in the sky dream of breast reconstruction patients, but with Dr. Spiegel’s microsurgical expertise we are seeing promising results.

Best of HTexas 2016 


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