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Center for Breast Restoration

Call Today (877) 7-BREAST or (713) 441-6102

Dr. Spiegel’s Team

Meet Dr. Spiegel’s team of specialists~ 

Our goal is to provide you with compassion and the attentiveness you deserve.  Your health and care is our number one priority! Whether your journey is breast reconstruction, correction, or enhancement we will be here to answer your questions and guide you throughout your journey.  


Nicole Sherry, Physician Assistant

Contact Me: 713-441-6102 or


Alexis Celender, Physician Assistant

Contact Me:  713-441-6102 or


Lisa White,  Patient Coordinator

Contact me:  713-441-6102  or


Bianca Rodriguez,  Patient Coordinator

I have 10 years of experience in the medical field and I am familiar with the challenges involved in deciding to have surgery.  Please know I am available for any support you may need.  I am readily accessible for questions regarding our practice, scheduling, education, or just overall concern.  I take pride in being part of this wonderful team and look forward to meeting you.

Contact Me: 713-441-6102 or


Aidee Guillen,  Sr. Billing Specialist

As Dr. Spiegel’s Senior Billing Specialist, I handle the insurance and billing aspects for our patients. My 15 years in the medical field has provided me the knowledge to assist with precertifications and authorizations for procedures, in addition to answering other claim related questions. I was born and raised in Florida, am fluent in Spanish, and my chosen career has allowed me to work in many specialties over the years. Since joining Dr. Spiegel’s team, I find assisting our breast reconstruction patients to be very rewarding on a personal and professional level.

Contact Me:   713-441-1667   or



Robin King, Practice Manager

As practice manager I oversee the day-to-day operational activities of Dr. Spiegel’s practice, supervise our staff, manage our skin care services, the Pink Sister Support Group, social media & marketing, project and event coordination as well as Dr. Spiegel’s academic and research activities. 

I have over 37 years’ experience in healthcare support, of which the past 12 have been spent managing academic and private practices for cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons.  

I feel a strong personal obligation to women who are going through breast cancer reconstruction and aspire to provide exceptional care, support, and understanding to all our patients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if your need any assistance along the way.

Contact Me:   713-441-6922   or


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Address: Institute for
Reconstructive Surgery
6560 Fannin, #2200
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: 713-441-6102
Toll Free: 877-7BREAST

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